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VCSCMS Content Management

VCSCMS started life as DynaPager™ in 1999 in the UK, and was a hugely innovative early use of PHP and MySQL. The DynaPager (Dynamic Page Generator and Auto-Pager) system had tremendous success with local Real Estate Agents, and the system is still in use in that capacity today, for example at Leaders estate agent Rick Mooney

The engine was rewritten and updated into VCSCMS in 2005 and is now used for a variety of other bespoke software purposes.

VCSCMS has the following key features:

  • Tried and Tested over FIFTEEN years!
  • Bespoke programming to do exactly what you want
  • Easy and Logical back end so you can plug in your own data
  • Options for auto-data loading from spreadsheets etc
  • You keep control!

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