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VCS have many years of experience in Website Hosting for small to medium sized businesses. We offer budget shared hosting from $10 per month for a simple static site, but offer tailored packages to meet our client needs. dedicated server hosting. We have servers in Auckland and London with a LAMP server configuration. LAMP is short for

Linux + Apache + MySql + PHP
Operating System Web Server Database Programming
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With our hosting we offer a good number of extras as standard, for example:

  • New Zealand-based Server! Fast reponses, money stays in New Zealand. Please don't settle for 'cheap' US hosting.
  • Web-based email as well as client-based (so you can read email from anywhere then download later when back in the office)
  • Daily Statistics in easy graphical format about your web visitors and search results etc

as well as extras we can set up quickly for you such as

  • Google Analytics
  • Custom error 404 pages (for missing pages, handle this gracefully)
  • Password protected directories
  • Search Engine link submission (not automated, we do it properly!)
  • Google Adwords

You can see a list of our hosting/programming only clients - these are sites we have assisted with and host but the website designer has been one of our business partners and we don't want to steal credit for those in our main portfolio!

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