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Whether you are getting your business started on the internet, or have a website that is underperforming, or you are dissatisfied with your current provider, you have come to the right place.

It is 2019 but not all website designers seem to know it. Please, for your own sake, do not consider commssioning any website work which is not RWD!

If you are new to all this, we will lead you through the following steps:

  • Chat with you to find out what you do and how the web could help your business. Note - this is usually a free initial consultancy!
  • Choosing & purchasing a suitable domain name (the www. bit) for the website
  • Create a Logo & Brand if you do not already have one
  • Set up hosting for you (the place on the web that your site is stored) and create your email addresses and set them up on your devices
  • Set up a "holding page" (just one webpage to temporarily establish the website)
  • Explain why you should not use hotmail, xtra or similar free or supplier-branded email and assist you to stop
  • Design a great Website for you
  • Commission (build and publish) the Website
  • Ongoing Support and Consultancy Services as required
  • Provide Logs & Analysis of your site visitors to see how you are doing

If you have an existing site which needs improvement, you can commission us to produce a report of the site as it is and make recommendations, and then work on any necessary changes which you would like to implement.

NOTE: as of early 2015, Google (the internet's main and favourite search page) has started to remove websites from the search results on a mobile device (phone or ipad) if that website does not work well on that device! This is having a huge impact on thousands of 'old' sites. The solution is Responsive Web Design (RWD). Since 2014 all our sites have been RWD and we have ported over most of our existing clients.

Content Management - update your own site

We use several systems to create dynamic content-managed websites, the main ones being:

Drupal VCSCMS Wordpress
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All trademarks and logos are acknowledged to belong to the respective owners.

News October 2011: VCS now choose Drupal 7 as the preferred solution for all new work. We no longer offer Joomla! or Silverstripe websites at all. We may offer Wordpress if specifically requested, but we believe Drupal just "Does Things Better". VCSCMS is still retained for certain small bespoke systems and custom coding projects.

Of course, not everyone will need or want to update their own site. We do very reasonably priced 'flat' or 'static' sites which look great but which we would need to update for you as needed.

Make the website work for the owner

There are millions of websites out there and some of them will almost certainly be selling the same product or service as you. To beat off the competition you need to achieve two things:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
    - Get people to find and visit your site, rather than your competitors
  • Good Design Skills
    - Make the visit pleasant and easy so the visitor is not turned away

We specialise in both of these areas; from the start, we create the site with both the visitor experience and the search engines in mind. We have excellent skills in acquiring high search positions in google and other search engines, and generally achieve extremely good ratings.

As well as producing great designs, we also ensure we have SIMPLE and OBVIOUS navigation structures (i.e. the menu of possible pages to view) so the visitor can get around the site quickly and without frustration. So many websites instantly turn a large proportion of users away by being unfriendly, or unusable, or deathly slow to load; not ours!

No Obligation first meeting

VCS Websites will happily meet with any business to discuss their internet needs in a friendly chat. We will then make a recommendation and quote, probably on several levels and sometimes with several phases of work. This means you can choose what you want to afford, AND get a relatively quick solution which can be built on in the future if you so desire. Why not today to book an appointment?

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